Self-Healing Materials ICSHM 2022

Milan, 20-22 June 2022



Monday June 20

Institutional welcome 09.00 - 09.30

Chair: Ferrara
Assistant: Marcucci

Keynote lecture 1 - (De Donato room)
09.30 - 10.30 Ugo Lafont

title TBC

Break 10.30 - 11.00

Parallel sessions 11.00 - 13.15

Emerging technologies - (De Donato room)

Chair: Ferrara-Grande
Assistant: Marcucci

  1. Pernigoni, Lafont, Grande: “Self-healing polymers for inflatable space structures”
  2. Dijwar Yilmaz Lewandowski, Perraud, Llevot, Carlotti: “Self- healing polymers for space applications”
  3. Ritzen, Montano, Garcia: “3D Printing of a Self-Healing Thermoplastic Polyurethane through FDM”
  4. Katcharava, Zhou, Bhandary, Marinow, Binder: “Vitrimeric, self- healing 3D printable polymer networks as potential electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries” reversible Diels-Alder reactions”
  5. Roels, Terryn, Van Assche, Vanderborght, Brancart: “From self- healing polymer to soft robot”
  6. Pozo Ezquiva, Bosman: “Quick Self-Healing in Tough Polymeric Materials”
  7. Mustapha, AlMheiri, AlShehhi , Rajput, Joshi, Antunes, AlTeneiji:
    “The microencapsulation of tung oil with a natural hydrocolloid
    emulsifier for extrinsic self-healing applications” 
  8. Yen Fang Su, Chen, Bagonyi, Al-Tabbaa: “Chemically informed
    machine learning model for self-healing performance prediction of mineral additive based cementitious materials”


Capsules (in cement based materials) - (Beltrami room)

Chair: Al Tabbaa-Antonaci
Assistant: Rizzieri

  1. Riordan, Al-Tabbaa, Anglani, Tulliani, Antonaci, Palmer: “Investigation of novel production methods for macro-capsules and micro-capsules and subsequent comparison of self-sealing effectiveness in capsule-containing mortar specimens”
  2. Kumar, Al-Tabbaa: “Durability recovery potential of an encapsulated organic healing agents in conventional repair mortars”
  3. Ribeiro da Sousa, Freeman, Al-Tabbaa: “Tailoring the shell properties for physically triggered self-healing in cementitious materials” 
  4. Sina , Chang, He, Schlangen, Jefferson, Mihai: “Microcapsules triggering probability in self-healing cementitious material: A parametric study” 
  5. Anglani, Tulliani, Antonaci: “Encapsulated polyurethane for self- healing concrete applications using cementitious macro-capsules”
  6. Papaioannou, Gournis, Kilikoglou, Karatasios: “Synthesis, optimization and healing efficiency of cement-based, macro-scale capsules for cement mixtures”
  7. Piedrahita, Asensio, Perilla, Csar Narv¡ez, Cadavid, Guerrero: “Study of the influence of hybrid organic/inorganic microcapsule-based system for self-healing cementitious materials with low carbon footprint”
  8. Hermawan, Riordan, Al-Tabbaa, Gruyaert: “Evaluation of workability, mechanical and self-sealing properties of concrete containing PU shell “water repellent cargo microcapsules”

Polymers, composites and coatings - (Castigliano room)

Chair: Garcia-Hernandez
Assistant: Cibelli

  1. Garcia, Montano, Urban, Hornat, van der Zwaag: “On the relation between polymer architecture, entropy-driven damage closure and barrier restoration in self-healing polyurethane coatings”
  2. Katcharava, Bhandary, Marinow, Binder: “Self-healing poly(ionic liquid)-based iongels as potential electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries”
  3. Arati, Bley, Brandelero, Teyssedre: “Electrical properties and recovery of trans-esterification based vitrimers for the electronic field”
  4. Natasa Tomic: “Nanocomposite conductive hydrogels based on PVA with improved self-healing efficiency by cellulosic modifiers”
  5. Costa Cornellà, Brancart, Van Assche: “Self-healing, recyclable, and degradable castor oil-based elastomers for sustainable soft robotics”
  6. Hager: Self-healing ionomers – from zwitterionic ionomers to bio- based materials
  7. Yoshie, Kim, Seshimo, Ejima, Houjou, Xia, Nakagawa: “Self-healing by flexible and strong hydrogen bonds in Polymers”
  8. Veermesch, Mangialetto, De Vleeschouwer, Van Den Brande, Van Mele: “How can computational methods support experimental research to study self-healing polymer networks? A case study on the effect of hydrogen bonds on the kinetics of reversible Diels-Alder reactions”

Lunch 13.15 - 14.15

Keynote lecture 2 - (De Donato room)

Chair: Grande
Assistant: Molteni

14.15 - 15.00 Nele De Belie

Progress regarding Smart, Multi-functional, Advanced Repair Technologies In Cementitious Systems obtained through the EC Project SMARTINCS

Parallel sessions 15.15 - 17.15

Polymers, composites and coatings - (De Donato room)

Chair: Grande- Turteltaub
Assistant: Pernigoni

  1. Bhandari: “Self-healable ionic liquid based electrolytes for Li-ion batteries tuned by Li-salt content and quadrupolar H-bonding”
  2. Kaymazlar, Andac, Garcia:“Self-healable and recyclable polydimethylsiloxane elastomers through metal- ligand coordination”
  3. Turteltaub, Kumthekar, Ponnusami, van der Zwaag: “Uncertainty Quantification of the lifetime of Self-Healing Thermal Barrier Coatings”
  4. Grande, Benazzo, Rigamonti, Bettini, Sala: “On the fracture healing response of an aeronautic-grade fiber reinforced epoxy vitrimer composite”
  5. Patrick: “Sustained Self-healing of Laminated Fiber-Composites via in situ Thermal Remending”
  6. Zechel, Abend, Dahlke, Schubert, Hager: “Approaches for the quantification of scratch-healing of polymers”
  7. Zhang, Xiao: “High-Performance Self-Healing Epoxy Based on Microencapsulated Epoxy-Amine Chemistry”
  8. Furia, Roels, Terryn, Vanderborght, Van Assche, Brancart: “Fused Granulate Fabrication of self-healing polymers composite”

Bacteria in Concrete - (Beltrami room)

Chair: Paine - Borg
Assistant: di Summa

  1. Sandalci, Tezer, Bundur: “Effect of mineral characteristics on selfhealing ability of bacterial cement based mortars”
  2. Gebhard, Hamley-Bennett, Reeksting, Bagga, Skevi, Justo-Reinoso, Ofiteru, Paine: “A bacteria-centric approach to optimising selfhealing concrete applications”
  3. Minoru Takagi, Lima, Mederiors-Junior, Resende, Couto Ribeiro: “Antibiosis and watertightness of self-healing concrete with antimicrobial crystalline admixture for water and wastewater structures”
  4. Ghahremaninezhad, Baffoe: “Bio-inspired Self-healing Cementitious Materials”
  5. Abu Askar, Zdeb: “Behavior of Bacillus Bacteria from Sewage Water as a Self-Healing Agent for concrete cracks”
  6. Paine, Tan, Skevi, Justo-Reinoso, Hamley-Bennett, Reeksting, Gebhard: “Aerobic non-ureolytic bacteria-based self-healing concrete: Effects of environmental and exposure conditions”
  7. Tezer, Nele De Belie, Nico Boon, Michael Harbottle: “Non-axenic biomasses as bacterial self-healing agents in cementitious mortar”
  8. Ofiteru, Bagga, Justo-Reinoso, Hamley-Bennett, Paine, Gebhard: “Self-healing concrete the surprise in the wastewater”

Nanoengineered self healing (Castigliano room)

Chair: Paine - Cuenca - Carsana
Assistant: Kannikachalam

  1. Cuenca, Ferrara: “Use of nanomaterials for improving durability of self-healing concrete elements”
  2. Ksencamalar: “Design and Characterization of Self-Healing Geopolymer Mortar Containing Magnetic Nanoparticle Obtained by Green Synthesis Method”
  3. Tsampali: “Influence of cellulose fiber addition on self-healing and water absorption of cement mortar”
  4. Feng, Qian: “Rapid self-sealing of macro cracks of cementitious composites by in-situ crosslinking”
  5. Suh, Byungsun Park, Gwang-Myong Lee, Sanghwa Jung, Young-Keun Cho: “Evaluation of Coated Inorganic Materials on the Properties of Cement Hydra”
  6. Risdaraneni: “The Healing Performance of Mortar Containing Bacteria Impregnated Expanded Clay Aggregate Coated with Sodium Alginate”
  7. Tri Nguyen: “Development of Self-Healing System in Concrete using Bacillus Subtilis Natto Immobilized in Light Weight Aggregate”

Aperitif​ 17.30 - 19.00

Tuesday June 21

Keynote lecture - (De Donato room)

Chair: Carvelli 
Assistant: Azadi 

09.30 - 10.30 Tony Jefferson

The challenge of simulating the self-healing behaviour of cementitious composites 

Keynote lecture 4
09.45 - 10.15 Hernandez Santana

Self-healing and recyclable nitrile rubber: a myriad solution for the automotive industry

Break 10.45 - 11.15

Parallel sessions 11.15 - 13.15

Aggressive environments - (De Donato room)

Chair: Bolzoni, Jonkers 
Assistant: Kompella 

  1. Pourhaji, Serna Ros, Alonso: “Assessment of the effect of self-healing on the chloride penetration of concrete in the cracked and uncracked zones”
  2. Rossi, Copuroglu, Jonkers: “How self-healing induced by bacteria- based self-healing precursors affected the chloride penetration resistance of cracked mortar specimens”
  3. Van Mullem, De Brabandere, Van de Voorde, Kong, Snoeck, De Belie: “Chloride Resistance of Self-healing Mortar Containing Superabsorbent Polymers Quantified via Chloride Diffusion Testing”
  4. De Brabandere, Van Mullem, Van de Voorde, Kong, Snoeck, De Belie: “Chloride Resistance of Self-healing Mortar containing Superabsorbent Polymers measured via a (Quasi) Steady-State Migration Test”
  5. Borg: “Investigation of the Durability and Self-Healing properties of Ultra-High Performance Concrete based on Crystalline Admixtures and Nano-Additives, exposed to a Chloride-rich Aggressive Environment”
  6. Cibelli, Ahmed, Di Luzio, Ferrara: “Chloride penetration tests in cracked and healed UHPFRCC: numerical simulation via a discrete multiphysics model”
  7. Cappellesso, van Mullem, Sekine, Gruyaert, Van Tittelboom, De Belie: “Self- healing products stability in cracked concrete under cyclic freeze- thaw condition”
  8. Afroughsabet, Al-Tabbaa: “Influence of Superabsorbent Polymer (SAP) and Ground Granulated Blast-furnace Slag (GGBS) on the Freeze-thaw Resistance of Concrete Pavement” 

Modelling and life cycle - (Beltrami room)

Chair: di Luzio - Freeman
Assistant: Xi

  1. Masoero, Alex, Ofiteru: “MASKE+NUFEB: particle-based simulations of bacterial self-healing in concrete”
  2. Narayanasamy, Castro-Alonso, Macias-Franco, Sa¡nchez-Muoz, Oropeza-Navarro, Cortes-Martnez, Betancourt-Ch¡vez, Balagurusamy: “Validation of the survival and activity of inoculated bacterial strains in bioconcrete using molecular tools: gene sequence analyses and expression”
  3. Cibelli, Ferrara, Di Luzio: “Numerical simulation of self-healing in plain and fibre-reinforced concrete via a discrete multiphysics model: two case studies”
  4. di Summa, Parpanesi, De Belie, Ferrara: “How to address sustainability and economic viability of advanced cementitious based materials by means of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Cost (LCC) tools integrated into a holistic design-wise approach”
  5. Maddalena, Sweeney, Tuinea-Bobe, Balzano, Arena, Jefferson: “Life cycle Assessment of self-healing concrete with shape memory polymers”
  6. Maeda, Ozaki, Osada: “Finite Element Analysis of Repeated Crack- Healing Behavior in alumina/SiC Composite Ceramics for Specimen with Chevron Notch”
  7. Freeman, De Nardi, Gardner, Jefferson: “Tailoring healing agents for self-healing cementitious materials using predictive modelling and physical testing”
  8. Perelmuter: “Modeling materials self-healing with bridged crack approach”

UHPC  - (Castigliano room)

Chair: Schlangen - Lo Monte
Assistant: Davolio  

  1. Neves, Zahabi Zadeh, Almeida, Miranda, Cunha, Pereira: “Improved Methodologies to Assess the Self-healing Performance in High- Performance Fibre-Reinforced Cement Composites (HPFRCC)”
  2. Zahabi Zadeh, Neves, Almeida, Miranda, Cunha, Pereira: “Digital Image Correlation (DIC) for Assessment of Self-healing Capacity of Thin Concrete Slabs”
  3. Mo Li: “Understanding self-healing process and robustness along crack depth in cementitious materials”
  4. Luque: “Study of self-healing at short ages for a 3D printable ECC material”
  5. Tamilasaran, Blanco, Goodier: “Effect of steam curing on the recovery of mechanical and durability performance of Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC)”
  6. He, Schlangen: “Self-healing performance of strain hardening cementitious composite (SHCC) incorporating bacterial embedded polylactic acid (PLA) particles”
  7. Al Obaidi, He, Schlangen, Ferrara: “Self-Healing Effect on Steel Fiber - UHPC Matrix Interface Pre- Damaged and Exposed to Different Exposure Conditions”
  8. Xi, Huang, Al-Obaidi, Lo Monte, Ferrara: “Evolution of long-term self- healing performance of UHPC exposed to different aggressive environments under sustained load”

Lunch​ 13.15 - 14.45

Keynote lecture 5 - (De Donato room)

Chair: de Belie
Assistant: Marcucci

14.45 - 15.45 Olga Speck

Plant-inspired damage control: An inspiration for efficient use of resources and reduction of waste generation

Parallel sessions 15.45 - 17.45

Research and case studies from European projects - (De Donato room)

Chair: de Belie – Alonso
Assistant: Marcucci

  1. Davolio, Altomare, Al Obaidi, Ferrrara: “A methodology to assess the evolution of the UHPC performance as affected by autogenous healing, sustained load, and aggressive environments”
  2. Kannikachalam, Clerque Vela, Ginori Ocampo Pacheco, Lo Monte, De Belie, Ferrara: “Methodology to evaluate self-healing effects on fatigue capacity of Ultra High-Performance Concrete”
  3. Kannikachalam, Snoeck, Cailleux, De Belie, Ferrara: “Self-healing capabilities of Ultra High-Performance Concrete subjected to impact loading”
  4. Charron, Lauch, Desmettre: “Comprehensive evaluation of self- healing of concrete containing different admixture under realistic conditions”
  5. Roig Flores: “Evaluation of the self-healing efficiency of concrete with a crystalline admixture: Interlaboratory analysis from COST Sarcos RRT3 group”
  6. Tang, Al-Tabbaa: “Effect of combined mineral and polymer additives on self-healing strain-hardening cementitious composites (SH2CC) for cyclic loading conditions”
  7. Krelani, Kryeziu, Ahmeti, Ferrara: “Self-Healing Concrete Under severe conditions, wet/dry saline water and chloride environment including freeze/thaw cycles combining different mechanical loading”
  8. Barros, Knockaert: “Facilitators and hurdles influencing the commercialization of self-healing technologies in the construction industry”

Metals/ceramics - (Beltrami room)

Chair: Brancaart - Bosman
Assistant: Cibelli

  1. Fu, van der Zwaag, van Dijk: “Self healing of creep-induced damage in a ternary Fe-3Au-4W alloy by multiple healing agents”
  2. Sekine, Nakao: “Advanced self-healing design controlled by kinetic competition of chemical reactions in self-healing ceramics”
  3. Akutsu, Nakao: “Effect of high temperature viscoelasticity glass on self-healing ability in self-healing ceramics”
  4. Arseenko, Hannard, Kashiwar, Ding, Villanova, Zhao, Maire, Idrissi, Simar: “Design, Friction Stir Processing and characterization of a new healable aluminium alloy”
  5. Huong Nguyen, Kuo, Nanko: “Crack-healing performance and oxidation behavior of SiC dispersed in Yttrium silicate composites”
  6. Khlaisongkhram, Kuo, Nanko: Crack healing via thermal oxidation of AlN-dispersed Al2O3 composites
  7. Gheysen, Pyka, Hannard, Villanova, Winiarski, Brinek, Chirazi, Simar: “Investigation of the healing ability of a newly developed AlMg alloy produced for Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF)”
  8. Molteni, Confalonieri, Grande, Gariboldi: “Thermally-triggered self- healing mechanism in Al-Sn composite Phase Change Materials”
  9. Ding, Brouwer, Popovich, Hermans, Sloof: Mo(Alx,Si1-x)2 healing particles for high temperature ceramics

Advanced binders in cement based materials  - (Castigliano room)

Chair: Lo Monte - Carvelli
Assistant: Al Obaidi   

  1. Chen, Hamad, Al-Tabbaa: “Effect of Mineral Admixtures on Self- Healing Performance of Low-Carbon Infrastructure Materials with Supplementary Cementitious Materials”
  2. Cirak: “Reducing Shrinkage Reinforcement with Self-Healing Concrete”
  3. Nguyen, Carvelli, Ismail, Illikainen, Kinnunen: “Autogenous self- healing of polypropylene fiber reinforced ettringite-based composite”
  4. Chandan Malagar: “Development of a mini rotary shear setup for the evaluation of self-healing in clay-rich geomaterials”
  5. Tsangouri: “Acoustic Emission as an essential tool for healing assessment”
  6. Lo Monte, Ferrara: “Link between structural durability and sustainability in the framework of the H2020 project ReSHEALience: the importance of Self-Healing in Ultra High-Performance Fibre- Reinforced Cementitious Composites”
  7. Da Rocha Gomes, Ferrara, Moreno, Sanchez: Cementitious grouts containing crystalline admixtures to improve autogenous healing
  8. Dabral: “Experimental comparison of crack width and spacing provisions according to different structural codes and recommendations for RC beams with concrete from traditional concrete to UHPFRC”

Conference dinner​ 19.30 - 00.00

Wednesday June 22

Keynote lecture 6 - (De Donato room)

Chair: van der Zwaag  
Assistant: di Summa  

09.30 - 10.30 Joost Brancart

Self healing soft robotics

Break 10.30 - 11.00

Parallel sessions 11.00 - 12.30

Polymers, composites and coatings - (De Donato room)

Chair: Bamonte - Grande 
Assistant: Pernigoni 

  1. Bose: “Electroactive Self-healing Soft Robotic Gripper Using Reversible Diels-Alder Reactions”
  2. Langenbach, Bakkali-Hassani, Tournilhac, Norvez: “Self-Healing ENR- based Elastomers with Fast Elastic Return for Soft Robotics”
  3. El Diwiny: “Physical Intelligence for Delaying Damage In Soft Multi- Materials”
  4. Chenming Li, Binde: “Synthesis and Characterization of Hydrogen Bonded, Self-Healing Polymeric Ionic Liquids as Potential Electrolytes”
  5. Mangialetto, Ehrhardt, Hennecke, Van Durme, Van Mele, Van den Brande: “Influence of hydrogen-bonding, phase-separation and Diels-Alder chemistry on the rate of self-healing of thermoreversible thermosetting networks”
  6. Terryn, Brancart, Roels, Kashef Tabrizian, Hardman, Thuruthel, Ferrentino, Sahraeeazartamar, Iida, Van Assche, Vanderborght: “Self-healable soft robots, flexible electronics and electronic skins”

Vascular networks (in concrete/cements) - (Beltrami room)

Chair: Justo Reinoso-Gardner 
Assistant: Chemello 

  1. He, Schlangen: “Experimental validation of a discrete lattice model for simulating mechanical regains in a vascular self-healing cementitious material”
  2. Justo Reinoso, De Nardi, Reeksting, Gardner, Jefferson, Gebhard, Paine: “Use of 3D mini-vascular networks to protect and deliver bacterial spores in self-healing concretes”
  3. Salman, De Nardi, Gardner: “A Study of Damage Healing Cycles in Vascular Networks Containing Silicate-Based Healing Agents”
  4. Shields, De Nardi, Cappellesso, Jefferson, De Belie, Van Tittelboom: “A comparison of brittle versus ductile vascular networks: why ductile networks are preferable for scaling up”
  5. Gardner, Coopamootoo, De Nardi, Jefferson: “3D-printed mini- vascular networks for crack-sealing in the concrete cover zone”
  6. Zhi Wan, Savija: “Mechanical properties and healing efficiency of 3D- printed ABS vascular based self-healing cementitious composite” 

Multifunctional (Self sensing/shape memory)  - (Castigliano room)

Chair: Vlachakis-Maddalena 
Assistant: di Summa   

  1. Vlachakis, Al-Tabbaa: “Investigation of the stress and strain sensing properties of filler-free geopolymer coatings for structural health monitoring”
  2. Balzano: “The Journey of the hybrid shape memory polymer tendons: challenges, improvements, and future research directions” 
  3. Wang, Haigh, Al-Tabbaa: “Novel measurement techniques of piezoresistive properties for self-sensing concrete”
  4. Milone, Tulliani, Al-Tabbaa: “Electrical and physical characterisation of cementitious composites with carbon-based additives”
  5. Zheng, Al-Tabbaa: “Graphene-enabled plastic fibre: a sustainable alternative for self-sensing cementitious materials”
  6. Orozco: “Electroactive performance and cost evaluation of carbon nanotubes and carbon black as conductive fillers in self-healing shape memory polymers and other composites”

Keynote lecture 7 - (De Donato room) 

Chair: Grande   
Assistant: Al-Obaidi 

12.30 - 13.15 Sybrand van der Zwaag

Future perspective 

Closing 13.15 - 13.45

Lunch 13.45 - ONWARD